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Motto: Mellow your mind and let travel be your Escape. 

Services Provided: Looking to get away… well look no more.  Mellow Escapes, LLC is here to help! Here at Mellow Escapes, LLC we specialize in Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and All-Inclusive Vacations.  If cruises are more your thing, we can help you sail along!  Mellow Escapes, LLC is committed to helping you create eternal memories.

Mission Statement: Planning a vacation can be stressful.  Mellow Escapes, LLC’s mission is to take the stress away from you by arranging your ultimate vacation package. 

Mercedes Hickman


My name is Mercedes and I am the founder of Mellow Escapes, LLC.  Growing up in St. Louis, MO I’ve always had this dream of traveling the world.  My parents did not have the biggest budget, but as the good saying goes, “I’m gonna make it happen,” and they did just that.  Making memories was important for my family and I would like to do just that for my clients.  Mellow Escapes strives to organize a stress free, budget friendly escape for you and your family/friends or whoever you would like to create a memory with.  

At the age of 8 my parents took my siblings and I to Tybee Island near Savannah, GA.  From that day forward I knew that the beach was my remedy to escaping the real world.  I’ve traveled to Isle Verde, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Jamaica (my favorite), and a many other places.  I believe that the Caribbean and Mexico are beautiful destinations that everyone should get a chance to experience.  I became a travel advisor in 2017 and since then I’ve booked many Single Travel Escapes, Couple’s Trips, Friend’s Getaways, and Family Vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico via direct travel or cruise ship. 

When my mind is not on booking trips or simply just on vacation itself (LOL) I work full time as a Crisis Responder.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my goal is to give back to those in need.  Annually I adopt a classroom, donate school supplies, and give to the less fortunate.  Paying it forward is my passion.  Often times I intertwine paying it forward and my vacation as I take time during my vacation to give back to the country/island that I am visiting.  In the past I’ve donated to schools in Mexico and Jamaica.  If paying it forward is as important to you as it is to me, please feel free to email me at mellowescapesllc@gmail.c om if you would like to make a contribution.  

This is a little something about me and my enthusiasm for travel.  I look forward to working with you on your next travel escape

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Meet Mercedes Hickman | License Clinical Social Worker & Travel Agent


Mellow Escapes, LLC is a travel agency business that specializes in Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and All-Inclusive vacations. There are a great deal of travel agents in the world, however, I believe what sets me apart from other agents is truly having my clients financial budget in mind. A lot of travel agents implement agent fees in their packaging that often times increases the price of their travel packages offered.

Antoinette Davis

Travel Agent

My name is Antoinette and I’m an agent with Mellow Escapes, LLC. I was born in Durham, NC and raised in Decatur, Ga. I developed a love for travel in high school. I went to Dunwoody High where I was amongst a very diverse group of people that were taking Spring Break trips out of the country and it seemed unaffordable at the time so I started with road-trips. I would go visit my best friend every spring break at Georgia Southern University and then one day we decided to take it up a notch and drive to Miami for my birthday, then to New Orleans for another friend’s birthday. We rode trips a few more times before finally deciding to book a flight to Vegas (driving there wasn’t an option lol) but that broke the flying ice for me. From there I continued to push it to the next traveling level.


I was introduced to planning an out of country trip with a travel agent by a manager of mine. I never spoke to her on the phone never saw a picture only communicated through email and text but the resorts she chose were nice & never had any issues traveling, wasn’t until my 3rd out of the country trip did I realize how using her wasn’t adding to my travel experience and I can plan and create a better travel experience for my friends & myself on my own. So I began to do just that for all my friends and family. I’m the person in the group that’s going to go the extra mile checking reviews and reading what the destination has to offer & my friends & family trust my opinion and my decisions.


I enjoy helping create that experience so much that after meeting Mercedes developing a friendship while working out I knew who to call when I was ready to create those experiences for others. I meet people all the time that would love to travel but don’t know where to start, what to look for or how to book a trip. And I’m happy to now be able to respond no worries that’s where I come in. I’m truly passionate about traveling, it brings a new perspective on life every time I go somewhere and creating lifetime memories on trips with the ones you love is priceless and I hope to help everyone experience that. 

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